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Time is precious – MealPlans by JuliaCooks saves you time and money by giving you 5 complete, family-tested recipes, easy to follow cooking instructions, and maybe best of all, shopping lists for each meal and the entire week. So you always have an easy (and delicious) answer to “Hey, What’s For Dinner?”

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Soup’s Last Gasp

Has Spring finally sprung where you are?  It hasn’t really here in New England, but it’s very close!  It has teased us, poking a toe out here and there, calling a little “yoohoo!” from around a corner.  I am optimistic, though, that it will come on out for real very...

National Grilled Cheese Month!

What do you crave? What treat do you go for regularly and wouldn't want to give up? For many the choice would be something sweet - ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies, a rich cake or piled high ice cream sundae. While I like a good dessert, I could go on ok with my life...

Back to School Calls for Mac and Cheese. Plus Other Stuff.

The first day back to school after a vacation is always a tough one. The week of later bedtimes, days of freedom and lowered demands make the return to regular life feel a little grind-y (for me as well as the kids). To ease the transition I like to have something...

Throw It All the Wall and See What Sticks

Sometimes, that's the method I take when writing a recipe or making dinner. Try stuff out, see what happens. Little bit of this, little bit of that, riff on one thing or another. Case in point, recently I had in mind the makings of a gratin. However, we have a family...

Dinner Becomes Breakfast

Sometimes, dinner turns into breakfast. Sometimes this happens when the leftovers are so delicious, you don't want to wait until lunch to have them. Sometimes, you get up early to enjoy your quiet kitchen and make dinner for later in the day, or test a recipe for your...

To Honey Or Not To Honey?

A while back I made a mistake in my meal plan (if you don't know about the meal plan you can learn about it here).  Now, this did 2 things: 1) freaked me out because I hate mistakes - not because I rationally think they are a big deal but because my irrational anxiety...

The Girl Needs Her Nut Milk But Waste Makes Me Nuts

I have a kid who has developed a smallish obsession with iced coffee and alterna-milk.  If she goes to the fridge on any particular morning and finds that there is only milk from a cow, she questions me, in a way that only a 14 year old can, "why do you hate me?" ...

When I First Met: Cold Sesame Noodles (hint: it was the ’80’s)

For a year after high school and before I trucked off to college, I had a glorious break hanging with family and their new little dude.  It was the late eighties and the food trends were things like California rolls, blooming onions, 7 layer dip, dips in bread bowls...

70’s Sunburn Cake

What is it that etches some memories in the brain more deeply than others?  I would think it would be largely a matter of impact or importance, big moments vs mundane days, but in my experience, and I am guessing yours, that isn’t necessarily the case.  Every summer...

Chips & Dip – For Dinner?

Chips and dips night was one of the absolute favorite meals of my childhood.  Looking back now, I know my mother did it because she couldn’t stand to think about feeding her horde of hungry people yet again, but at the time, with the self centered worldview of which...

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