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Time is precious – MealPlans by JuliaCooks saves you time and money by giving you 5 complete, family-tested recipes, easy to follow cooking instructions, and maybe best of all, shopping lists for each meal and the entire week. So you always have an easy (and delicious) answer to “Hey, What’s For Dinner?”

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Gazpacho With Grilled Shrimp and Crostini

Gazpacho is a classic summer refresher. This cold soup is delicious as an appetizer, or an entree. And when you dress it up a little bit with grilled shrimp, you've turned this into an event to be remembered! Some folks like a little "heat" with their cold...

The Girl Needs Her Nut Milk But Waste Makes Me Nuts

I have a kid who has developed a smallish obsession with iced coffee and alterna-milk.  If she goes to the fridge on any particular morning and finds that there is only milk from a cow, she questions me, in a way that only a 14 year old can, "why do you hate me?" ...

When I First Met: Cold Sesame Noodles (hint: it was the ’80’s)

For a year after high school and before I trucked off to college, I had a glorious break hanging with family and their new little dude.  It was the late eighties and the food trends were things like California rolls, blooming onions, 7 layer dip, dips in bread bowls...

Turkey and Veggie Nachos

Sometimes, you just want a comforting, tasty nosh.  Or you have a crowd of folks coming over who like "regular" food.  Or it's just a nacho kind of a day.  Of course nachos are not the most healthy choice, but everything in moderation, right?  Instead of avoiding...

70’s Sunburn Cake

What is it that etches some memories in the brain more deeply than others?  I would think it would be largely a matter of impact or importance, big moments vs mundane days, but in my experience, and I am guessing yours, that isn’t necessarily the case.  Every summer...

Chips & Dip – For Dinner?

Chips and dips night was one of the absolute favorite meals of my childhood.  Looking back now, I know my mother did it because she couldn’t stand to think about feeding her horde of hungry people yet again, but at the time, with the self centered worldview of which...

Flowers & Tarragon

Are flowers ever more welcome than when they come from a friend’s lovingly tended garden?  Even better when they are coaxed by her through scissors placed encouragingly into the hands of your twin sons.  These in this picture were chosen and cut with enthusiastic...

When There Is Not Much To Say, There Is Comfort Food

I was first introduced to the magic of the simple radish/butter/salt sandwich on one of Anthony Bourdain’s shows and my kids and I have been hooked ever since. I am trying to enjoy it this eve and think about being a good listener, appreciating cultures and how food...

Clean Out The Fridge – It’s Deliciousness Waiting To Happen

How much do you hate wasted food?  It totally makes me nuts! And it happened waaaay too often in my house.   You know the drill - you see that lovely bunch of greens or the sausages are on super sale or you just make too much dinner and then no one will remember to...

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