Super Food Your Super Bowl

Super Food Your Super Bowl

Hey, hey, hey, today’s the big game! Are you watching? Hosting? Is your team playing? Our team got knocked out, so we are not as invested, but we will likely watch some anyway, if only for the commercials. And…it’s a good excuse to hang around with good eats!

If you were with me last Sunday, you read about how I am taking Sundays to talk about Super foods. To review, a super food is one that packs a serious nutritional punch into the calories it carries. Walnuts? Super food. Brownies? Not so much (guessing you knew that already). However – I am all about enjoying the foods you love, so to get more out of a favorite that might be nutritionally lacking, you just have to super food it. It’s really that simple. So, what are some ways to do this on Super Bowl Sunday? Read on!

Who is doing nachos? It is probably the one dish that will show up on every Super Bowl Party spread out there. Cheesy, gooey, crunchy, spicy – what’s not to love? Want to love it more, though? Knowing you are adding some good for your body will do that. I love to make these veggie laden nachos. Trust me, they are just as delicious as traditional!

Turkey and Veggie Nachos

Fries are great snacking party finger food. Salty, hearty, yum. If you make them with sweet potatoes, though, you have boosted your vitamin A, a great anti-oxidant. Leave the skin on and you get a good dose of fiber!

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Are you planning on serving pizza at your gathering? One of my favorite things to eat, and it can so easily be super food-ed. Do you know watercress is considered a super food? I long relegated it in my mind as an after thought, something only for dainty tea sandwiches. However, it is a knock out source of vitamins a and c, as well as folate, magnesium, and potassium. Watercress, as well as other fresh veggies, turns this pizza from just a delicious treat into a nutritious treat.

Spring Fling Pizza

I hope this helps you give your party chow a good nutritional boost! Enjoy your gathering, and Go (your) Team!

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