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Hey, thanks for coming to find out who I am.  As I always say to the kids – make sure you know to whom you are talking online. To that end, I will tell you that I, Julia, am these things, in no particular order, and not limited to: mom, wife, cook, baker, driver, reality tv watcher, history lover, and, deep down in my soul, total rocker. Really – I am rarely more happy than when I can turn Monkey Man way up while I am driving, never mind the fact that it is usually in a 12 passenger van with our pile of kids (5, plus numerous friends who call me Mudder and I totally <3 them).  Monkey Man is my Calgon, though I rarely truly want to be taken away, because even in the moments when life is a challenge, mine is very, very awesome. Mainly, though, for our purposes here, I cook. A lot. I am busy. A lot. So, I try to make those things work ok together, and hopefully along the way give my readers and customers a way to do that, as well.  Because you know what? We all need to Eat – It’s Good For You!

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