Bake Bread At Home

There is nothing quite like fresh baked bread. Warm and delicious, inviting and alluring, bread is a staple BakeBreadAtHome2of a wonderful meal. Crunchy crusts, melted butter and smiles all around make home made bread a treat for all. In this terrific cooking class, Julia Cooks will teach you, and up to 7 friends how to bake delicious bread that you will be proud to call your own.

In your kitchen or ours, Julia Cooks will show you the basics of dough prep, proper kneading techniques¬†and give you some pro tips on creating the perfect crust – regardless of your experience. This class is great for all ages (and kids are great kneaders!) The entire class takes about 90 minutes. Depending on the crew, make sure that you have a great bottle of wine (or a bunch of juice boxes!), nothing goes better with some beautiful bread like a bit o’ the grape!

Details – Learn To Bake Bread At Home:

Time: ~ 90 Minutes

Suitable For Kids: Yes

Location: Your kitchen (or ours!)

Cost: $25/per person – 4 person minimum.

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