Learn To Make After School Snacks

afterschoolsnacksWhat is the first thing your kids say when they get home from school? If they are anything like the horde here at Julia Cooks, it’s, “I’m HUNGRY!” And we know you are busy, so wouldn’t it be great if your kids has all the skills they needed to make healthy, delicious snacks that they can make all on their own? Of course it would. Now, with the After School Snack Class, Julia Cooks can teach your kids everything they need to make things they love – all on their own! (And we will even encourage them to clean up after themselves!)

This class is great for elementary and middle schoolers who are interested in being more independent or for high schoolers who are frequently left to fend for themselves, gastronomically speaking. (It may help out a few husbands that we know, too – they could use a hand in the kitchen!)

Details – After School Snacks Class:

Time: ~75 minutes

Suitable for Kids: Absolutely – designed with them in mind

Location: Your kitchen (or ours!)

Cost: $25/per person, 4 Person minimum

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