Learn to Make Appetizers

An appetizer can be the thing that makes a ho-hum dinner into something memorable, or it can be the dish that you bring to a party that mappetizersakes everyone wonder “Who brought this!?!” An appetizer isn’t just cheese and crackers. It is a celebration of taste and texture over which Julia Cooks wants you to have mastery. From delicious fresh appetizers like basil, tomato & mozzarella drizzled in extra virgin olive oil to savory delights like cheddar pepper crackers, or cheese encrusted olives (wow – seriously, trust us on this one), Julia Cooks will teach you to make wonderful, delicious appetizers that are easy to make and wow the crowd!

This class will give you and 7 of your friends the basics of pairing flavors and textures, simple techniques to make assembly easy, and a new found confidence. You will be the 1st to offer to bring something the next time your are headed out. From now on, your appetizers will do the talking for you. You just need to enjoy the praise!

Details: Learn To Make Appetizers

Time: ~ 60 Minutes

Suitable for Kids: Take some time for yourself and leave the kids at home

Location: Your Kitchen (or ours!)

Cost: $25/person, 4 person minimum.

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