Make The Perfect Pie Crust

The Perfect Pie Crust

Light.piecrust Flaky. Delectable. Decadent.

Has anybody ever used those words to describe your pie crust? Do you use store-bought pie crusts because you don’t know how to make great pie crusts? Never fear, Julia Cooks is here!

Introducing our latest in-home class, Make The Perfect Pie Crust. 

Pie crust is simple – only 4 ingredients (all-purpose flour, butter, water and salt), but what you can do with it is magical. In this class learn the secrets that your grandmother probably knew but forgot to teach you:

  • What is better – shortening or butter? (We will give this secret away right now – nothing makes a better pie crust than butter – enough said.)
  • What is the magic flour to fat ratio?
  • How to make your crust incredibly flaky.
  • How to cook your crust so you pie comes out perfectly every time.
  • How to handle your dough to make your pie crust mouth-wateringly tender.
  • All of this and more secrets from an award-winning pie baker….


Here is how it works – find some friends, grab some wine and a few snacks and Julia Cooks will come to your home and teach you how to make perfect pie crust (and a pretty amazing pie, too). We will bring all the ingredients, utensils and 3 decades of baking experience to your kitchen. At the end of 90 minutes, you will have perfect pie crust, have had a lot of fun, and be ready to amaze everyone with your pie crust!

The Details:

  • Julia Cooks will come to your kitchen with all the ingredients and utensils to make the perfect pie crust.
  • You bring the friends & the snacks.
  • This will take about 90 minutes.
  • The cost $25 per person (minimum 2 people – the more the merrier!). $35 per person if we bring the snacks (you have to bring the wine – we can’t – sorry!).

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