Hello and Happy Sunday! Glad you are here because I have something to talk about. It’s superfoods. I am guessing you have heard this term – it’s been a bit of a buzz word in recent years. In a nutshell, a superfood is a food that packs a lot of nutrition into its calories. Blueberries, salmon, walnuts, broccoli – superfoods. Brie and ice cream – sorry, no. But here is my point of this post today – if you love brie and ice cream, EAT THE BRIE AND ICE CREAM. Or the mac and cheese. Or the bread, or whatever other food that we think we should not ever have anywhere near us, unless we are using it to deliver 40 lashes to ourselves.

Just Superfood It.

What do I mean by superfood it? I mean have that thing that you enjoy, that brings you pleasure, that makes your tummy and taste buds go YAAAAAAYYY!!!. Just add in some extra nutrition. If you are consuming calories anyway, might as well make them do some good work for you. Let me lay out some examples:

Let’s talk about that brie. One of my favorites, actually. Yes, it is divine slathered thickly onto a baguette, which you could do, but you could also put it onto a seeded dark, sour Scandinavian bread. You can sprinkle it with crushed flax seeds. You could spread the bread with kale pesto. Add the nutrition.

Here’s another one. Do you know how easy it is to make homemade flatbread? It is really easy. So, if you make it at home you can sub some of the white flour for whole wheat. Add psyllium husk for fiber, seeds for omega-3, finely chopped spinach for folate, vitamin A, vitamin K. Delicious. Eat the bread. It’s good for you (unless it isn’t, of course, due to a medical condition – then don’t – it’s not good for you),

Now, let’s get to that ice cream. This is an easy one. Pile on the blueberries, walnuts, ginger. Try some dark chocolate, pomegranate seeds, almonds. Add the good, don’t worry about denying what you love.

I will be talking plenty more about superfooding your life. Check back!

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