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Home Made PiesJulia Cooks loves pies – sweet or savory – we love them all . Pies are a special kind of love expressed in a 9 inch tin. And Julia Cooks has all of your favorite holiday pies ready to order. Made with a delightful, flaky, all-butter crust (that you can learn to make yourself in Julia Cooks’ “Make the Perfect Pie Crust” class), each pie is made with the freshest ingredients (we use organic and local whenever we can), and each pie is made to order – no frozen pies here. Order a Thanksgiving pie, or a pie to bring to family holiday events, or just for a special dessert, Julia Cooks is the best place to get a delicious, homemade pie that will make everybody at the table happy. All of our pies are 9 inch pies and serve 8-10 people – although we have had reports that these pies are so good that people don’t want to share – you may want to order an extra…) All pies are $25 each, and local (Arlington) delivery is free.

Award Winning Apple Pie: Julia Cooks award-winning apple pie is a classic combination of cinnamon, brown sugar, apples, butter and a hint of lemon to make the sweet even sweeter. This is our most popular pie. And listen to what our fans say, “Best apple pie ever. No joke.” – Amy C., Arlington, MA 

The Perfect Pumpkin Pie: An autumnal classic. Imagine all the tastes of fall – pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg – wrapped in a flaky all butter-crust. This is Norman Rockwell New England Thanksgiving on a plate. You don’t want to miss it.

Pumpkin Streusel: This is our twist on a classic pumpkin pie. Take the perfect simplicity of a pumpkin pie and add some crunch and texture to make the creamy pumpkin filling stand out. Sweet and crunch, our streusel is good enough to eat on its own, but crumpled atop our classic pumpkin pie, it is just out of this world.

Cherry: Is there anything more delicious than a great cherry pie? Made with the freshest cherries we can find, we add just the right amount of sugar to enhance the natural sweet/tart of the cherries. You’ve never had a cherry pie like this! The sweet juicy cherries and our decadent all-butter crust come together to make some magic! (We think it is best with some freshly whipped cream…)

PecanRich and powerfully sweet, imagine the earthy crunch of delicious pecans, a hint of vanilla and the slow sweetness of brown sugar all coming together inside a flaky, tender crust. Our pecan pie hits just the right note of decadence and celebration. Perfect with a cup of coffee or even a glass of milk, this pie will make everybody happy.

Raspberry LimeStart with the gentle sweet of raspberries, enhance it with all-natural sweeteners, and bring out the high-notes with tartness of freshly squeezed lime. Wrap all of that with our signature all butter pie crust, and you have a pie that you will thinking about for days.

Cranberry Pear: Pears are so under-rated. They have incredible sweetness. They release so much of their delicious nectar when baked that it can be just too much. Enter the tart cranberry. As they bake, they mellow from a pucker to lip smack and they balance the sweet of the pear to make a pie that is so flavorful that you won’t want to stop eating it. It is the perfect blend of sweet and tart, and when balanced with the richness of our crust, you will be pretty sure that it just can’t get any better than this.

Mincemeat: For the traditionalist, our mincemeat pie has the intrigue of clove and cinnamon with the warmth of dried fruit and brandy to come together in a pie that is at once sweet and savory. Balanced with the richness of our flaky and delicate crust, this pie will make you think of days gone by – and it will make you thankful that you are getting to eat it today! (Here is a serving tip – try it with some razor sharp cheddar cheese – trust us, you will be happy you did!)

Blueberry: Is there anything better than the summertime sweet of blueberry pie? Be it from small Maine blueberries, or the larger Washington blueberries, they all cook wonderfully, releasing their sweetness slowly and delicately as they bake. Juicy and truly full of joy, our blueberry pie has the perfect blend of the gorgeous sweetness of the cooked blueberries, balanced with the tartness of their skins, highlighted with just a bit of lemon zest. Paired with the richness of our all-butter crust, this is a perennial favorite.

Apple Cider Vinegar Pie: This sounds like a savory pie, but a vinegar pie is a delicious custard pie flavored with the tang of apple cider vinegar. It is sweet and rich and decadent, with just a hint of sharp from the vinegar. It starts with the bite of the vinegar, but then the richness of the silky custard rushes into your mouth. It lets the sweetness of the apple cider come through the smack of the vinegar to give you a flavor that is engaging and playful. When you pair the velvety feel of the custard with the zing of the vinegar and the decadence of our all-butter crust, you have a pie that keeps calling you back to the table!

The Best Gosh Darn Banana Cream Pie You’ve Ever Had: There is banana cream pie, and then there’s banana cream pie. This is, decidedly, the latter. Basically, this pie is bananas, Julia’s incredible pie crust, and everything else good in the world. Cream, sugar, whipped cream, love, happiness and yummy. We dare you not to love it. 

See All of our delicious homemade pies. All pies serve 8-10, and free delivery in Arlington, MA.

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