Mealtime Musings is 101 great questions that you can ask the fam around the dinner table. These are eyebrow-raising, smile-curling, “OMG, don’t ask Dad” kind of questions that will get everyone’s faces out of their phones, and do a little FaceTime the old-fashioned way. These cutie-patootie questions are great for all ages…and you will spark a discussion or two, or maybe even fire up a friendly debate – but you will be talking – to each other! Isn’t that awesome?


Add a little pizzaz to your pasta dinner, or a little cheer to your chicken parm with terrific questions like:

Would you rather bathe in jello or wear vaseline gloves?

Spongebob or Pikachu?

What is the opposite of cheese?

And best of all, Mealtime Musings is yours to download right now – see that button that says “Download Mealtime Musings”? Click on that and all 101 “refresh your repast, dress up your din-din discussions” will be yours – for free.

Below that, there is a “Buy Now” button that allows you to make a contribution of any size if you are so inclined.

Thank you!

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