Blueberry Buckwheat Thumbprint Cookies


Blueberry Buckwheat Thumbprint Cookies

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Buckwheat isn’t really wheat. It is this cool plant, Fagopyrum esculentumthat is related to rhubarb. (That means these cookies are gluten-free – however, we are not a gluten-free kitchen, FYI.) The seeds of this wondrous little plant make an awesome flour substitute. The starchy insides provide most of the flour-ish ness of this, and the hulls of the seeds provide a slightly nutty, earthy taste and make the flour a gentle brown.

OK – after all of that, we mix buckwheat flour with all the regular cookie fixin’s and make a delicate dough that is a little crumbly, really sweet and has a light, crunch nature to it when it is baked. But while we are shaping these delicious little buckwheat lumps of delicious love, to truly, press a thumbprint into each cookie and top it with delicious, delightful blueberry jam.

The nutty buckwheat cookie mixes delightfully with the sweet richness of the blueberry jam after it bakes and it becomes an elegant, sweetly nutty treat that has, quite literally, our finger prints (thumbprints, to be more accurate) all over them.


And cookies like these delicious Blueberry Buckwheat Thumbprints are part of our new Cookie of the Month Club – a subscription service that ships delicious freshly-baked cookies once a month to people that you care about.

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