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Blueberry Slab Pie – The Best Casual Blueberry Pie Ever

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In the fall, we took Julia’s Award-Winning Apple Pie and gave it a twist – Apple Slab Pie.

What is a slab pie you ask? Well, it is a two-cust pie (bottom crust and top crust) cooked in a sheet pan and cut into big squares. This is every inch a JuliaCooks Pie, but it is more versatile. This gorgeous square of pie can get packed in a lunch, or piled high on a plate for a casual dessert, or just alongside whatever beverage you start your day with as part of a little pamper-you time. Slab pie is to traditional pie as lemon bars are to lemon custard pie. They are really the same thing – but the delivery vehicle makes all the difference.

Because blueberries are in season, and just bursting with flavor, we are taking all of that sweet yummy blueberry stuff and making into a slab pie on the go. Think of this as the most amazing blueberry pie that you can have in the car. Seems kinda awesome.

We sell this deliciousness in groups of 6 – that is probably a little bit more than 1 traditional pie.

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