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Slab Apple Pie – This Is Apple Pie With a Taste for Adventure!

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Apple pie is awesome – especially Julia Cooks Award Winning Apple Pie. It is terrific with some ice cream, and it is so good that it deserves your full attention. What about when you REALLY want some apple pie for a crowd, or for a meal out side, or even on the go? SLAB APPLE PIE TO THE RESCUE!

What is slab apple pie you ask? Well, it is apple pie cooked in a sheet pan and cut into big squares. The way the crust sets up is a little different – it has less of a crunch, but is wonderfully flaky and tender. The filling, because the pie is shallower (an inch rather than 3 inches deep), holds together a little more. So this is apple pie, but it is more versatile. This could get packed in a lunch, piled on to a platter for grab and go, sit comfortably next to your morning cup of coffee for a breakfast treat. This is apple pie for when you are busy (or when you don’t want to wash a fork and plate when you are done 😉

Then we cut it into very generous square pieces – it is like your own lovely half acre of apple pie – no fuss, no muss and all yummy all the time. Now, these are generous pieces, and it could probably be a little treat for two, but let’s call these single serving…and we will keep that just between us.

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