I have a kid who has developed a smallish obsession with iced coffee and alterna-milk.  If she goes to the fridge on any particular morning and finds that there is only milk from a cow, she questions me, in a way that only a 14 year old can, “why do you hate me?”  And, honestly, I am mostly happy to make it for her, because I am a mom, and caring for my people with food is what I do.  The thing that gets me, though, is I really hate waste.  I am a big fan of nose to tail, leaf to root, bark to pulp, and whatever other neat phrase you can think of to convey “use it all”.  As such, I am sometimes reluctant to make the nut milk, because I know I will need a second plan to utilize the left over meat.  Sometimes this is easy to do but sometimes, well, I just don’t feel like it.

Faced with a morning where we had run out of the last batch and neither of us thought ahead to soak some almonds the night before, I turned to our good friend, Cashew.  Cashews don’t need the big soak that almonds do so they are great for the last minute whirr through the Ninja.  She went running, I got to milking.  A couple of cups of nuts (or, I guess, technically, seeds) went into the blender along with two dates, a splash of vanilla and then water about double the amount of cashews.  Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  At this point, you seasoned nut milk makers and drinkers might be thinking, “but you can totally drink un-strained cashew milk.”  Sure, you can.  We don’t.  Too, um, cashew-y?  So I got this kind of thing going on.

Milk went into the fridge next to the cold brew and I was left staring at this.

That spoon, by the way is the one that comes with our Ice Cream Sundae Delivery service.  You heard that right: ice cream sundae.  Delivered to your door.  With cute reusable spoon.  We live in a magical place.

But, back to the task at hand, staring at this soggy cashew meat, I decided  to turn it into some little chocolate snacks, so I squeezed it through some cheese cloth, mixed in cocoa powder, honey, a bit of nut butter and oats that I toasted (just takes a few minutes).


On the first go it didn’t quite have the right consistency so I added a bit more nut butter to go from this


to this

And yes, that is a lego man in the background, because small people.

Roll’em up. pop ’em in the fridge for a few minutes and then this one, in from her run

could sit down to this

Want to try these for yourself?  As you could see, I didn’t have a recipe and you can do the same.  I believe in you!  My rough amounts were 2 cups of cashew paste, 2 tbsp honey, 2-3 tbsp nut butter, 1/4 cup cocoa powder and half-ish cup oats.  But just mix and try, taste and squeeze.  When it tastes and feels right, it’s right.   I wish you a very good day of running and rolling.







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