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It’s a Tuesday, everyone is going to be home soon, and you have no idea what to make for dinner. We’ve all been there. You frantically go through the options of what to make, and you are drawing a blank. You literally have no idea what you are going to make for dinner.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a week’s worth of delicious, healthy, easy to make recipes at your fingertips?

Well, now you can.

Introducing Weekly Meal Ideas from Julia Cooks.

Every week, you will get 5 kid-tested, delicious recipes, along with an itemized shopping list, delivered right to your inbox. Sign up today, and get a FREE week! That’s right – get 5 free kid-friendly recipes and an itemized shopping list (amounts & everything!) – get a free week on us.

When we launch, this is going to be $19.95/mo (thats 4 weeks of weekly meal ideas & shopping lists every month) but when you get your FREE no obligation sample today, you will be eligible for our 50% pre-launch discount. When you sign up below, you get the free weekly meal ideas sample with no obligation – no strings attached! When we officially launch Weekly Meal Ideas, you’ll get a special VIP link to get your 50% lifetime discount! Pay absolutely NOTHING today – no credit card needed. (Just to let you know, we are going to send you the menu and shopping list, and we hope that you love it, but we are really doing this so you will tell us what you don’t like about it…then we can make it great, you will buy it, love it and tell all your friends!)

And we will always treat your e-mail address with respect – no spam – ever.

Check out our “done for you” prepared dinners, and personal chef services – and maybe treat yourself with an awesome, award-winning apple pie? Just a thought…

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